Competition Hammer Wire

Introducing new Dominator Athletics Competition Hammer Wires!

Dominator Athletics Competition Hammer wires are hand-made by Steve Bartholomew himself with extreme precision and accuracy. We spare absolutely no expense when it comes to making the best hammer wires money can buy. At Dominator Athletics, we refuse to sell a product unless we can find ways to make it either significantly higher quality or less expensive than our competitors'.

  • Made of ultra high tensile strength 3mm electro-galvanized spring steel wire. This is the strongest, most resilient material suitable for producing hammer wires.
  • A short, tight wrap ensures light weight, low wind resistance, and safety.
  • Wire tails are meticulously cut, ground and de-burred to prevent snagging nets or cutting fingers.
  • Wires can be easily wrapped and un-wrapped without the aid of pliers or other tools.
  • Competition lengths are always consistent to within 1/16 of an inch.
  • Available in 1/8 inch increments up to 41 inches.

Please email or call to specify the lengths you would like when ordering.


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