Have you ever struggled to find a place to hold a batting practice? Have you been searching for an inexpensive way to increase power and follow through during the swing?

Introducing the New Dominator Athletics Batting Practice Ball! Dominator Athletics Batting Practice Balls give hitters the ability to practice in a confined space without fear of damaging facilities or losing equipment. While there are other weighted balls, none can compare in terms of value and durability.

Dominator Athletics Batting Practice Balls teach hitters to drive through the ball with authority. During contact with a bat, the highly elastic polyvinyl plastic compresses to a higher degree than a regular softball. This increases contact time by over 1000%, forcing the hitter to feel the impact and power throughout the ball. When using Dominator Athletics Batting Practice Balls, hitters are forced to understand the importance of activating the legs and core during the swing.


Dominator Athletics Batting Practice Balls are the same size as a standard softball. They are available in three different weights:

Light: Weight is similar to the feeling of a real softball. Travels the farthest of the 3 sizes, but still great for practicing in confined spaces.

Medium: Noticeably heavier than a real softball and requires a special effort to drive through the ball.

Heavy: It is difficult to drive to the bat through this ball. No other product does a better job teaching hitters to maintain power through the swing. It is extremely difficult to hit this ball out of the infield.

Dominator Athletics Batting Practice Balls can be purchased one at a time or in multiples at a greatly reduced cost. Volume and team orders are welcome!

Random Resistance Training Set

A fun and effective way to train with Dominator Athletics Batting Practice balls is to use the 3 different sizes of balls randomly. All the balls look identical. Because the hitter doesn’t know which ball has been pitched, they are forced to drive through the ball. This way, the hitter will be ready when for a heavy ball and rewarded when a light ball is pitched.


See if our Weighted Batting Practice Balls pass the Cannon test!

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