We are able to create custom Indoor Throwing Weights, Shots, Training Balls, Harnesses, Lifting Straps, and many other devices.

Custom Throwing Gloves

Can't find a throwing gloves that fits? Send us your measurements and we will make a glove that fits perfectly out of whatever type of leather you prefer.

Custom Indoor Throwing Weights

We can produce Indoor Throwing Weights as heavy as 45 lbs in a variety of different colors.

Custom Indoor Shots

We can produce custom Shots in shells ranging from 76mm to 146mm in weights ranging from an empty shell up to 22 lbs. We can produce training sets in any weight increment.

Steel Fabrication

We have produced a variety of custom steel products for some of our customers. Do you have an idea for a great product? Give us a call.

Contact Steve with any questions at Steve@dominatorathletics.com or call at 219-395-6971.

Custom weights for

the University of Kentucky

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